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“Nutrition Bites” with Drs. Mark Kaye and Veronica Gasko: Weight Management

Managing weight loss can be a challenge for many individuals today. Healthcare practitioners (HCPs) are often asked for the most effective methods available in managing metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. In this podcast, Drs. Mark Kaye and Veronica Gasko discuss valuable methods for making lifestyle changes and dietary adjustments.

Together they discuss a few of the most beneficial diet plans available for patients struggling with “metabolically healthy obesity,” including a modified ketogenic–Mediterranean diet that the  HCP has tailored specifically for a patients’ comfort, ensuring long term success. Research shows that often the maintenance phase of a diet rich in whole foods, low in refined carbohydrates and reduced caloric intake, get the body composition under control establishing an opportunity for long term lifestyle shifts.

Listen to the podcast below

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