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Pearls for Optimal Prenatal Health

The best way to reduce complications of pregnancy is to address potential root causes before they have a chance to occur.  In part 4, the final podcast in this educational series Joel Evans, MD focuses in on the detrimental impact of maternal obesity during preconception and antenatal time periods. Obese mothers, or mothers with diabetes or hypertension may increase the risk of their children being born under or over weight and developing chronic illness early in life including metabolic disturbances. Dr. Evans discusses ways to address these potential issues through a targeted preconception care program focused on upstream root causes offering one of the most important steps in reducing healthcare risks in the unborn and newborn child.  He shows the importance of stress modification, optimal nutrition, and other lifestyle factors in a preconception program and reviews specific nutrients such as vitamin D, iron, choline, calcium, fish oil, and probiotics. Dr. Evans rounds out this podcast with insight into specific testing to consider during preconception and a discussion of the impact of specific SNPs during pregnancy.

Listen to the podcast below


Joel M. Evans, M.D., a board certified OB/GYN and international lecturer, is the Founder and Director of The Center for Women’s Health, where he practices Integrative Gynecology. He is also the Chief Medical Officer of LiivMD.com, and Vayas Health, start-up technology companies designed to provide the latest health information to health care consumers, physician offices and the enterprise market.

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