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Electrolytes: A Functional Medicine Approach

Presenter: Robert Silverman, DC, MS, CNS, CCN; Clinical Director/Owner, Westchester Integrative Health

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Date: April 18, 2019 Start Time: 11:00 AM PT End Time: 11:30 AM PT

Webinar Summary

Dr. Silverman discusses what electrolytes are and how they function in the body. Specifically, he answers these fundamental questions: Why are electrolytes vital in sports drinks, and what other nutritional bioactives should be included? How are electrolytes valuable in the body’s metabolic detoxification processes? How do electrolytes help to alleviate the ketogenic flu? Finally, Dr. Silverman explores the role of electrolytes in brain health and answers some of the most common questions on electrolytes he receives from patients.

Originally aired April 18, 2019

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Presenter Bio

Robert Silverman, DC, MS, CNS, CCN graduated magna cum laude from the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and has a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition. Dr. Silverman is a diplomate with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition. He has a full-time private practice in White Plains, NY, where he specializes in the treatment of joint pain with innovative, science-based, nonsurgical approaches and functional nutrition. He has published numerous articles in both lay and professional journals. Dr. Silverman is a regular contributor to several media outlets. He was awarded the prestigious 2015 Sports Chiropractor of the Year by the ACA Sports Council and published the book Inside/Out Health: A Revolutionary Approach to Your Body in 2016.

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