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Microbiota and Immune Health

Presenter: Gerard Mullin, MD

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Date: May 26, 2020 Start Time: 11:00 AM PT End Time: 12:00 PM PT

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Gerard Mullin, MD, a gastroenterologist and nutritionist, provides a unique perspective on the role of the gastrointestinal system on immune health. He highlights the research being done using high doses of vitamin D and emphasizes the importance of adequate levels and appropriate dosing. Although the long-term outlook depends on many variables, he believes we have an opportunity to mitigate the disease with the application of Functional Medicine. Dr. Mullin also touches on the pros and cons of hypersanitation and the impact on the microbiome. In addition, he gives an overview of his future research projects related to COVID-19, particularly the potential risk associated with PPI.

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Presenter Bio


Gerard Mullin, MD is an associate professor of medicine at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is board-certified in internal medicine, gastroenterology, integrative medicine, Functional Medicine, and nutrition. Nationally and internationally renowned for his work in integrative gastroenterology and nutrition, Dr. Mullin has more than 20 years of clinical experience in the field of integrative gastroenterology and earned his master’s degree in nutrition while in practice.

He is an associate editor of several nutrition and integrative medicine journals. Dr. Mullin was selected by Dr. Andrew Weil to serve as a senior editor for the first book for physicians on integrative gastroenterology by Oxford Press, which was released in May of 2011.

He also is former president of the Maryland and Long-Island Societies of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. Dr. Mullin was the youngest person to receive an Honorary membership from the American Dietetic Association in 2009. He also received the Grace A. Goldsmith award presented by the American College of Nutrition in November 2011. This special award acknowledges a scientist who is under the age of 50 years, for significant achievements in the field of nutrition.

He is a founding member of the American Board of Integrative Medicine and is board-certified in internal medicine, gastroenterology, and nutrition. Dr. Mullin also serves on the editorial board of numerous journals for gastroenterology, nutrition and integrative medicine.

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