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Nutrition Master Course: Probiotics

Presenter: Kurt Waples, DC; Functional Medicine Practitioner/Chiropractor

Event Details

Date: October 31, 2019 Start Time: 11:00 AM PT

Webinar Summary

Kurt Waples, DC presents a Nutrition Masters Course on probiotic science and clinical application. The webinar will begin with a brief history of intestinal microbiome science is presented, including pioneering researchers in the fields of microbiology and immunology. Next, the relationship between the microbiome and human health is explored, with a focus on the gut microbiota and factors that influence the composition or activity of gut bacteria. Specific probiotic strains (e.g. L. salivarius UCC118; B. animalis ssp lactis 420) and their benefits from the literature are detailed, along with emerging areas of microbiome research. Criteria for defining and selecting a quality probiotic are presented per WHO/FAO guidelines.

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Presenter Bio

Kurt Waples, DC is a Functional Medicine doctor and owner of Bluestone Health Group, a Functional Medicine and kinesiology practice that is creating a new standard of care in the medical sphere: absolute physiologic potential and peak health. With thousands of hours of clinical nutrition experience, Dr. Waples is pioneering an approach to optimize hormones and create a true state of antiaging, peak performance, and full vitality in life for his clients. Dr. Waples accomplishes this with the use of advanced body composition analysis combined with cutting-edge nutritional concepts, all without the use of pharmaceuticals. He has coined the term “Peak 10% Health” in reference to helping people achieve the absolute top hormonal, biochemical, structural, and overall health achievable for each individual. Medicine has been focused on preventing disease for far too long, and Dr. Waples is looking to change this focus to maximizing health instead, helping clients reach levels of health they never dreamed possible. Dr. Waples’ unique skillset allows him to provide care to clients with a wide range of conditions, from pain management and obesity to autoimmune conditions.

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