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Metabolic Performance for the Ultimate Game…Life!

Clinical insights from Metagenics Institute LIVE event


Host: Deanna Minich, PhD, CNS, FACN, IFMCP

Guest: Scott Bergman, DC, CTN, DAAIM

“Exercise breaks the body down. If we keep breaking it down, we never have the opportunity to repair.” – Dr. Scott Bergman

In this discussion, Drs. Scott Bergman and Deanna Minich explore factors that impact metabolic performance, not just for athletic gain but for the ultimate day-to-day game – life. Dr. Bergman shares his personal background as an athlete and the connection between autoimmunity and athletic performance he has observed in professional athletes, as well as how he utilizes Functional Medicine autoimmune protocols in those patients.

The rigorous lifestyle regimen of professional athletes is not generalizable to most of us, so next, Drs. Bergman and Minich segue into a discussion on metabolic performance for non-professional athletes, providing global tips for physical activity in the “weekend warrior” and intermittent exercisers. Balance is emphasized – exercising but also resting and recovering. Dr. Bergman discusses the concept of load and how its variables (frequency, duration, and intensity) can be manipulated and mapped out in monthly framework that includes a recovery week for repair and regeneration.

The concept of balance is also infused into the discussion on nutrition, including macronutrient profiles, intermittent fasting, alcohol, apple cider vinegar, coffee, targeted supplementation, and the feast/famine concept. Dr. Bergman explains that the nutritional approach depends on the goals of the individual patient. For example, for the ketogenic diet Dr. Bergman differentiates the nuance of 4 different keto approaches/goals: 1) lifestyle 2) weight management 3) clinical 4) performance.

Dr. Bergman shares practical clinical tools to track and assess diet adherence, BMR, and BIA, but also explains that incorporating the patient’s personal preferences is crucial for adherence and sustainability of any clinical protocol. This is the personalized lifestyle medicine approach he leverages in his practice. The patient is even involved in creating their own meal plan and personalized supplementation plan via partnership with and guidance by the practitioner. Dr. Bergman explains that being rigid and dogmatic fails to consider that every patient’s circumstances are unique, concluding that clinical flexibility and balance are key to achieving metabolic flexibility in your patients.

“Eating too much isn’t great. Starving too much isn’t great. Exercising too much isn’t great. Sitting around too much isn’t great.” – Dr. Scott Bergman

This Metagenics Institute LIVE broadcast took place live November 13, 2018 on the Metagenics Institute Facebook page.



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