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Shifting the Paradigm from Blocking to Resolving Inflammation

Shifting the Paradigm – Roundtable 1


In this video from ASPEN Clinical Nutrition Week 2016, we present part 1 of a roundtable discussion featuring several experts from the field of clinical nutrition. The topic of this discussion is Inflammation: A Novel Clinical Nutritional Approach for Resolution.

Stephen A. McClave, MD, moderates the roundtable discussion. Dr. McClave is Professor and Director of Clinical Nutrition and Director of Nutrition Curriculum at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in Louisville, KY.

The discussion begins with the participants discussing how to shift the paradigm in inflammation from just blocking inflammation to actively resolving it. Dr. Martindale reminds participants that pro-resolving mediators do not block or inhibit inflammation, but they promote resolution of the inflammation and may prevent the insults that may be associated with inflammation. Resolving mediators enhance the effect of the inflammatory response.

Further, Dr. Conte suggests that the vast majority of his patients are already enflamed, so resolving existing inflammation would be very helpful. The protective response of the immune system can also be enhanced by the resolving compounds.

The Metagenics Institute presents a roundtable discussion from a satellite symposium held in conjunction with A.S.P.E.N.’s Clinical Nutrition Week, in Austin, Texas on January 18, 2016.

Participants include:

Philip C. Calder, PhD

Jesmond Dalli, PhD

Robert G. Martindale, MD, PhD

Michael S. Conte, MD

Stephen McClave, MD

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