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What Are Some Examples Where SPM Biosynthesis Would be Challenged?


Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators (SPMs) offer an exciting opportunity to treat and manage the inflammation often associated with chronic disease. In this short video, we ask Dr. Charles Serhan of Harvard Medical School about some situations under which SPM biosynthesis would be challenged. More specifically, what pharmacological interactions would make SPMs and inflammation resolution less effective?

Dr. Serhan responded that a variety of pharmaceuticals have been tested with SPMs. It may be surprising that NSAIDs, which reduce the signs and symptoms of acute inflammation, disrupt SPMs from completing timely resolution. NSAIDs lead to a decrease in acute inflammatory response, but persistence in the acute inflammatory response. Similarly, pathway inhibitors prevent the action of SPMs.

Other situations under which SPM bioavailability might be challenged include when a patient is deficient in intake of essential fatty acids.

4. Insights from the Metagenics Lifestyle Summit 2015: Charles Serhan, PhD

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