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Infographic: Estrogen Metabolism and Nutritional Influences

Clinical tool depicts estrogen production, conversion, and detoxification, plus impact of gut and nutrition

Estrogen is the primary hormone responsible for sexual and reproductive development in women. Once puberty begins, the body uses estrogen to regulate the first half of the menstrual cycle and then metabolizes the hormone for elimination via urination and defecation. The end of perimenopause is typified by a significant reduction in estrogen.

Dietary and lifestyle modifications that support a healthy weight, like consuming a nutrient-dense dietary pattern (e.g., increasing intake of fiber and phytoestrogens) and being physically active, have been linked to the modulation of estrogen metabolism. In addition, many nutrients and nutritional bioactives have been studied for their influence on pathways of estrogen metabolism and detoxification.

In this infographic, you will learn about:

  • Estrogens and estrogen receptor (ER) sensitivity
  • The production and conversion of estrogen
  • Estrogen detoxification – Bioactivation, conjugation, and elimination
  • The estrobolome – the gut-estrogen connection
  • Nutritional influences on estrogen metabolism

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