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Connecting Methylation to Gut & Immune Health

Kara Fitzgerald, ND discusses the integration of our understanding of methylation with practical applications to prevent or reverse unwanted symptoms

“Where do patients and practitioners begin without overspending on testing?” – Kara Fitzgerald, ND, IFMCP

Kara Fitzgerald, ND, IFMCP helps us understand methylation and its effects on modulating gene expression and impacting immune health. She’ll also provide a primer on the herbal bioactive constituents in the hops plant and give us a sneak peek into her current gut health study and its relationship to genetic expression.

Dr. Fitzgerald received her doctor of naturopathic medicine degree from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She completed the first Counsel on Naturopathic Medicine-accredited postdoctorate position in nutritional biochemistry and laboratory science at Metametrix Clinical Laboratory (now Genova Diagnostics) under the direction of Richard Lord, PhD. Her residency was completed at Progressive Medical Center, a large, integrative medical practice in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Fitzgerald is the lead author and editor of Case Studies in Integrative and Functional Medicine and is a contributing author to Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)’s Textbook for Functional Medicine. Most recently, with Romilly Hodges, she authored the eBook The Methylation Diet and Lifestyle. Dr. Fitzgerald has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Fitzgerald is on the faculty at IFM, is an IFM Certified Practitioner, and lectures globally on Functional Medicine. She is a clinician researcher for The Institute for Therapeutic Discovery. Dr. Fitzgerald runs a Clinical Development Program for professionals and maintains an active blog and podcast series on her website, Her clinical practice is in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

In this podcast: 

04:12 Dr. Fitzgerald shares how her childhood helped shape her career in personalized medicine

10:09 Dr. Fitzgerald provides a primer on the herbal bioactive constituents in the hops plant

14:53 Dr. Fitzgerald talks about her experience working in a pain center and where to start when you have access to fewer tools

16:25 Dr. Fitzgerald reveals the foundational pieces of personalized medicine and provides a definition of what personalized medicine means to her

22:00 Dr. Fitzgerald talks about the importance of gut health and talks through a case study

31:40 Dr. Fitzgerald outlines the steps involved in her assessment process

39:05 Dr. Fitzgerald describes a pilot study she is currently running to determine impact of diet and lifestyle on the epigenome

45:15 Dr. Fitzgerald provides a deeper discussion on the epigenome

51:00 Dr. Fitzgerald speaks to the connection between aberrant methylation and chronic disease

55:11 Dr. Fitzgerald provides inspiration and reveals her greatest challenge as well as her greatest joy


Hosted by
Sara Gottfried, MD

Sara Gottfried, MD is a board-certified gynecologist and physician scientist. She graduated from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and completed residency at the University of California at San Francisco. Over the past two decades, Dr. Gottfried has seen more than 25,000 patients and specializes in identifying the underlying cause of her patients’ conditions to achieve true and lasting health transformations, not just symptom management.

Dr. Gottfried is a global keynote speaker who practices evidence-based integrative, precision, and Functional Medicine. She recently published a new book, Brain Body Diet, and has also authored three New York Times bestselling books: The Hormone Cure, The Hormone Reset Diet, and Younger.

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