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Tackling Our Children’s Toxic Environment

Clinical insights from Metagenics Institute LIVE event


Host: Deanna Minich, PhD, CNS, FACN, IFMCP

Guest: Paul Thomas, MD, FAAP, ABAM, ABIHM

Obesity and chronic disease are on the rise in our nation’s children. Prevalence of neurological and mood disorders is also increasing. Drs. Paul Thomas and Deanna Minich discuss how exposure to various toxic inputs from the environment and home are burdening our nation’s children and how childrens’ guardians and practitioners can begin to combat this complex issue by strategically improving the home environment and via personalized medicine.

Diverse, toxic exposures are explored, including but not limited to foods, personal care products, stress, heavy metals, excess screen time, etc. Screen time on our various devices, for example, represents a constant stress stimulus that keeps us in an addictive, fight-or-flight physiological state, which is detrimental to our health and rewires our neurochemistry.

Starting in utero or before conception is ideal when it comes to limiting toxic exposures and impacting the next generation’s health. But if that’s not possible, then what are the practical ways we can combat this daunting problem? Drs. Thomas and Minich discuss pragmatic approaches to buffer our families and patients from toxins:

  • Consume adequate levels of key nutrients from a healthful diet and via targeted, personalized supplementation (e.g. vitamin D, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, probiotics)
  • Reduce stressors by increasing physical activity, prioritizing sleep, and reducing screen time
  • Turn off/put down (or away) your phone; that requires intentionality and leading by example from the child’s guardian
  • “Add quality back into your time and your relationships” ~Paul Thomas, MD

This Metagenics Institute LIVE broadcast took place live September 18, 2018 on the Metagenics Institute Facebook page.


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