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Can SPM Over-Supplementation Downregulate Endogenous Production?


This conversation took place at ASPEN Clinical Nutrition Week 2015 and was moderated by Robert Martindale, MD. In this video segment, he discusses the question, can over-supplementation of specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) lead to pathway down-regulation. The conversation took place with Dr. Stephen McClave, Dr. Jesmond Dalli, and Dr. Todd Rice. The conversation is part of a series on inflammation entitled, Inflammation: Should we Block or Accelerate Its Resolution?

Dr. Martindale asks if the body might down-regulate the production of specialized pro-resolving mediators. Dr. Dalli replies that there are many ways for the body to remove the molecules, so the evidence suggests that the body will not down-regulate the production of SPMs.

Roundtable Symposia from ASPEN Clinical Nutrition Week 2015

Participating Speakers are:
Robert G. Martindale, MD, PhD
Stephen McClave, MD
Jesmond Dalli, PhD
Todd Rice, MD


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