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Can SPMs be Used As Preventative Supplements in Healthy People?


Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators (SPMs) offer an exciting opportunity to treat and manage the inflammation often associated with chronic disease. In this short video, we ask Dr. Charles Serhan of Harvard Medical School how SPMs can be used as preventive dietary supplements in healthy people.

Dr. Serhan responded that pre-clinical models indicate that SPMs can regenerate tissue, expedite endogenous inflammatory resolution, and return to homeostasis after an insult or injury. Limited clinical findings indicate that SPMs are produced in fish and other primitive organisms, and also found in breastmilk, they are evolutionarily conserved, and they well-tolerated and minimally toxic.

SPMs can be protective and preventive for healthy individuals. They may be best used for chronic conditions associated with flares, like allergic reactions, arthritis, and sickle cell disease. Also, nutritional support for neurodegenerative disease, amelioration of post-operative cognitive decline, and reduction of cognitive decline associated with aging may be achieved with SPM supplementation.

SPM supplementation can be useful for healthy and infirm people alike.

6. Insights from the Metagenics Lifestyle Summit 2015: Charles Serhan, PhD

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