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Fish Oils vs SPMs: What’s the Difference?


ASPEN 2015 Inflammation: Fish Oils vs SPMs: What’s the Difference? – 1

Roundtable Symposia from ASPEN Clinical Nutrition Week 2015

Participating Speakers are:
Robert G. Martindale, MD, PhD
Stephen McClave, MD
Jesmond Dalli, PhD
Todd Rice, MD

ASPEN Clinical Nutrition Week in February 2015 provided an excellent opportunity for experts in clinical nutrition to gather and discuss new clinical science from the field. In a series of discussions on Inflammation, Dr. Robert Martindale moderates conversation among several experts, including Stephen McClave, Jesmond Dalli, and Todd Rice.  These experts provided insights and advice to other clinicians and researchers interested in the resolution of inflammation in a series entitled, “Inflammation: Should We Block it or Accelerate its Resolution.”

The first conversation topic in the series is, “Fish Oils vs. Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators (SPMs): What’s the Difference?” EPA and DHA are the precursors of SPMs, so higher doses of EPH and DHA are necessary as well.

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