Once Upon a Time, I Had a Thyroid
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Once Upon a Time, I Had a Thyroid

by Ashley Jordan Ferira, PhD, RDN Once upon a time, I had a thyroid. Three years ago, to be exact. I had to undergo an emergent total thyroidectomy as a…

The Oath
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The Oath

Metagenics Institute was founded to help practitioners to fulfill their oath. Together, we share the same goal: Personalized…

Personalized Lifestyle Pearls: Anxiety & Women: Changing the Conversation
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Personalized Lifestyle Pearls: Anxiety & Women: Changing the Conversation

Host: Deanna Minich, PhD Guest: Sara Gottfried, MD In this discussion at the forefront of personalized lifestyle medicine, Drs.…

Early Natural Menopause Linked to Increased Risk for T2D

Women who enter natural menopause before 45 years old have increased…

Gut-Brain Connection: Stress and Mental Health

by Melissa Blake, BSc, ND Mental health continues to be a…

Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM)

How to register for the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine…



MAPS Introduction and Overview

We are now proud to introduce the MAPS program, further supporting your personal educational journey as you strive to help patients live healthy lifestyles and reverse the growing trend of chronic illness and disease.

About MAPS

Our vision is to lead the movement to make personalized nutritional intervention the standard of care in the promotion of optimal health. We created a program called MAPS that is a grass-roots online educational forum of practitioners educating other practitioners on conditions they see daily in practice. You’ll view talks on important health topics with vital information captured in 20 minutes or less. In addition to the talks, you can access and download practitioner protocols to help you determine courses of treatment for patients from the online MAPS portal. Click here for a full list of upcoming MAPS events.

Thyroid Disorders: A Functional Approach

Erik Lundquist, MD; Family Physician; Medical Director/Owner, Temecula Center for Integrative…

Foundational Principles Utilizing Functional Medicine for Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Mark Hyman, MD; Family Physician; Author; Founder, The UltraWellness Center; Director, Cleveland…

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