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Resolution of Inflammation Reduces the Negative Effects of Inflammaging: Infographic

Inflammaging is a term that describes how immune system function deteriorates as we age. In individuals, it is determined by a variety of interrelated genetic and environmental factors, also known as epigenetics. This infographic shows how our bodies can become susceptible to inflammating and its effects.

When we are young, we typically have good resolution of inflammation, low pro-inflammatory status, and a highly efficient stress response. Thus, most healthy young people do not suffer the negative consequences of inflammaging. However, as we age, we have poorer inflammation resolution and a less efficient stress response. That means that we are more susceptible to things like injury, infection, and poor diet that may not have adversely influenced our health at an earlier time in life. With inflammaging, poor diet, injury, and infection can lead to atherosclerosis, cancer, arthritis, neurological diseases, and insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes.

Resolution of inflammation throughout life can help reduce the negative effects of inflammaging.

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